When it comes to the perfect price range of headphones on the market today there's an awful lot of conjecture on the subject. A lot of people naturally lean one way or the other. What I mean by that is most people will opt to take the under $100 while the other half will say that high end audiophile headphones are the best to choose from. In this post I'm exposing the truth the headphones manufacturers don't want you to know. Let's get straight to what the best price range of headphones truly is. We believe strongly that the best price range of all headphones in this world we live in has to be those that are priced between $249 and $299 or effectively speaking, those that are under 300.

Audio Quality at this range

Yes audio quality is what it's all about. We all love audio quality. It's what makes an audiophile an audiophile and what leads me to want to write this post. I love big, booming bass and I also love crisp and clean mids and highs especially when I'm listening to my favourite genres of music like classical music and dance music. I have found that headphones around the 300 mark give you the best audio quality for the investment amount. You won't get quite as good quality as say with the Sennheiser high end headphones but you won't be disappointed either.

Get your Headphones in Wireless mode

These days Bluetooth headphones are the way forward and mid-range priced headphones simply have the best Bluetooth connectivity. The best headphones under 300 dollars allow for perfect CD quality connection that won't break over some serious distances as well. That may or may not be totally important to you if you run with your iphone connected to your wireless headphones for example DJ headphones equipment for beginners, but for me I like to be around the house be it upstairs, downstairs or in the cellar. And I want that Bluetooth connected at all times.